Important Notice: If you haven’t seen The Secret Saturdays, you should really fix that. It’s pretty obscure but it’s an amazingly well-done cartoon about family, mystical gifts, and cryptids. And all the cryptids that appear have at least some mythological basing except a grand total of 3. Really likable characters and great performances all around.

I could go into voices you’d/you wouldn’t but are actually voice actors you know recognize, but that list would take a while and would make up most of the cast.

Oh what the hell

Sam Lerner (Zak)… Chowder from “Monster House” (i think people on tumblr watch that movie idk, he hasn’t done much notable stuff)

Phil Morris (Doc)… Saint Walker from “GLTAS” and “Vandal Savage” from Justice League

Nicole Sullivan (Drew)… Shego from “Kim Possible” and Supergirl from “SBFF”

Diedrich Bader (Fiskerton and a few CotD)… Guy Gardner from “GLTAS” and Batman from “Batman: The Brave and the Bold”

Fred Tatasciore (Zon and Komodo and Munya)… Quite a lot of stuff, I guess some of my followers might care that he was Deathstroke in YJI 

Will Friedle (Doyle)… Do I really have to? Terry McGinnis from “Batman Beyond” and Ragnar from “GLTAS” and Ron Stoppable from “Kim Possible”

Corey Burton (Van Rook and V. V. Argost and some CotD)… Many things, most notable he’s the DCAU’s Brainiac

Jeff Benett (Beeman and some CotD)… Red Tornado from “Young Justice” and Tomar-Re from “GLTAS” and a lot of other things

Susan Blakeslee (Miranda Grey and Naga)… Sayd from “GLTAS” and the modern voice of Maleficent and Wanda and Mrs. Turner from “Fairly OddParents”

Scott Menville (Francis)… Robin from “Teen Titans”

Liliana Mumy (Wadi)… Mertle from “Lilo and Stitch” and Beth from “Bravest Warriors”

Kari Wahlgren (Abbey Grey and a CotD)„, A ton of stuff including Kimmy’s 2nd voice in “Sym-Bionic Titan” and Sandra Jimenez from “Gravity Falls” and keeping the DC theme Carol Ferris from YJI.









You guys do realize that the Luigi fandom is real fucking close to making sure that Luigi in gym shorts is the most reblogged pic right?


Important Note: If you have the desire to split your metaphorical heart from your body or wish to live forever by putting your soul in the body of a stubborn teenage boy, you too could be Xehanort.


In fact you probably are.


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